Born in Itapeva-SP, José Maria graduated in Fine Arts at Faculdade de Belas Artes de São Paulo, specialized in Art and Education at the University of São Paulo and in Scenario Design and Costume Design at Espaço Cenográfico São Paulo. José Maria attended studios of renowned artists such as: Fajardo, Julia Székely, Israel Kislansky and Chistiane Grigoletto.
He also attended classes of Cecile Van Der Heiden, when studying in Amsterdam. The contact he had with this artist, as well as the exposure to European galleries and artists changed José Maria and his work decisively. Encouraged by Cecile, José Maria began to express its fears, frustrations and pains. He began to nurture his courage to expose himself and to connect with the ugly and the non-aesthetic. It led him to find a unique, original and, above all, his own art. Such immersion in himself – encouraged by the experience in Europe – has brought to light a new and authentic world for the artist.

Currently works and lives in Jundiaí, São Paulo.


“My work speaks of pain and human feelings. I picture the world from inside myself. I represent the characters of my paintings as in a theatrical environment. Life in an exaggerated, intense and complex form, full of secrets and symbols. Dualities, contradictions, beauty and pain. I always try to go deeper into my own experiences as a person, and the figures are born from me as in a catharsis, a need, as if I vomited them into life. In place of a heart there is always something else, another object, a bird, a stone, etc., emphasizing the feelings and emotion. In addition, laces and hollow shapes are a constant feature and a hallmark of my work.”